Work-permit for the Netherlands

Work-permit for the Netherlands

Do you need help in applying for work-permit, documentations, salary administration and social insurances for the Netherlands? ASV Advies is your partner offering excellent solutions on cross-border employment questions. Since 1997 we have developed our knowledge and become experts in providing answers and support on topics concerning companies sending employees abroad, employing foreign workers, and individuals who want to work abroad or in the Netherlands.

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Work-permit and other documents for the Netherlands

If you send or hire employees abroad or if you are an individual who wants to work abroad or within the Netherlands you should comply with the necessary documents and regulations. As a foreign employee you need a work-permit for the Netherlands. Yet requiring the necessary work-permit and documentations, and the regulations for the Netherlands can be very complex. We provide you tailor-made support and solutions. We discuss all topics that might be of interest for you or your company. We work with clients from various industries that are based all over the world.

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