Our clients

ASV works with clients from many different sectors, from SMEs to multinationals, including:

  • off-shore-companies
  • building and
  • construction firms
  • ICT enterprises
  • telecom companies
  • educational institutes
  • clothing manufacturers
  • sports clubs
  • employment agencies

Lawyers and accountancy firms regularly consult us to find out which legislation applies to cross-border cases.

We also help private individuals with emigration or immigration questions and expats stationed in the Netherlands.

A few examples of cases ASV has advised on:

  • A Dutch company has acquired a job in Canada and carries out the work with its own personnel that are seconded to Canada for a period of four years.

  • A German employment agency sends personnel to the Netherlands.

  • A company located in Europe has personnel from EU Member States and personnel from non-EU countries such as Switzerland, Macedonia, Kosovo, Indonesia and Brazil. These employees are sent to work in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

  • A company in Hong Kong wants to acquire a market share in Europe. The company seconds three employees to Europe and recruits European personnel to open up various parts of the European market.

  • A person lives in Belgium, works throughout the Benelux on a self-employed basis, is on the board of a company located in France, and is a director of a limited company in the Netherlands.

  • A Dutch couple emigrates to France. The man works as an independent advisor for companies located in the Netherlands and France and the woman has an employment disability allowance.

  • An employee who lives in the Netherlands is seconded by her German employer for a period of five years to the United States.