Payroll services for expats in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a reliable partner who can take care of your payroll services in the Netherlands? ASV Advies is there for you! Since 1997 ASV Advies is an expert in cross-border employment and we offer support to both Dutch and international companies handling their payroll services and administration (both finance and personnel) in the Netherlands. We also support the needs of individual employees.

Difference between payrolling and payroll services

Let’s start explaining about the difference between payrolling and payroll services, because this can be quite confusing. This needs to be clear as to understand which services we provide.

  • Payrolling
    The employee is not on the employer’s payroll, he or she is on the payroll of the company which takes care of the payroll services. So basically the payroll company is the employer.

  • Payroll services
    An employer hires a company for handling their payroll services and administration. Each employee is directly on the payroll of the employer. ASV Advies acts in support of the employer for exactly these services. We do not engage in payrolling.

In short, ASV Advies’ unique selling point is its specific focus on payroll services and personnel administration. Support can also easily be extended to other areas of human resources, e.g. outlining (applicable) labor law, adjusting employment contracts, guidance during the sick leave of employees, detailing of employment benefits, and the termination of employment contracts.

Our specific strengths

Correctly executing the payroll services and administrations of foreign employers and employees requires specialist knowledge. Thanks to our knowledge base, our experience and our global network we are continuously updated on developments in local law and regulations of each country in which we work.

ASV Advies is proud to have these assets at its fingertips, and offers a range of service levels with appropriate support.

The specific services we offer are listed below. Obviously, the specifics to be defined in close consultation with the client.

  • Providing payroll services for expats
  • Reporting timely financial management information
  • Assessing of applicable legislation
  • Advising regarding the impact of different fiscal regimes
  • Liaising with relevant tax authorities
  • Assisting with filing for the 30% ruling
  • Assessing the consequences of a mandatory CLA
  • Liaising with relevant pension funds

And also:

  • Drawing up contracts of employment
  • Advising on secondary and tertiary income benefits
  • Launching a staff handbook, and keeping this up-to-date
  • Legal Guidance in case of reorganizations
  • Assistance with termination of employment contracts

More information about payroll services in the Netherlands?

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