How to get Dutch citizenship?

There are three ways to acquire Dutch citizenship, namely through:

  1. Naturalization
  2. Option procedure
  3. Birth from a Dutch father and/or mother

The process of naturalization and option procedure in order to obtain a Dutch citizenship is complicated and varies in each individual case, this because of the many rules and exceptions. ASV Advies possesses all the knowledge of the local law and can help you apply for a Dutch citizenship.

Obtain Dutch citizenship through naturalization

You are entitled to apply for a Dutch citizenship through naturalization if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Resident of the Netherlands (with a valid residence permit) for at least 5 consecutive years (read more about Dutch residence permit)
  • Renouncement of your current nationality
  • Pass the civic integration exam
  • Valid passport
  • Valid birth certificate
  • No criminal record
  • Minimum age: 18 years old

Residence permit

The 5-year requirement before naturalization implies that you had your main residency in the Netherlands during that period. Which implicates you have always renewed your residence permits on time and without any gap between permits.
At the moment of your application your residence permit must be for a non-temporary purpose of stay and valid throughout the whole naturalization procedure.

> Click here for more information about the Dutch residence permit

Reduced naturalization

In some of the following situations the requirements for naturalization are reduced:

  • Your partner (married or unmarried) is a Dutch citizen and you are living together for at least 3 years continuously and legally in the Netherlands
  • You are married or have a registered partnership with a Dutch citizen and you are living together for at least 3 years continuously and legally in the Netherlands or abroad (as long as it’s not the country off your nationality).
  • You may apply for naturalization after two years of continuous residency in the Netherlands, but only if you have lived before in the Netherlands for over 10 years with a valid residence permit
  • Naturalization can be applied for after 3 years of residence in the Netherlands if you are officially stateless.

Dual nationality

When applying for Dutch citizenship, the renouncement of your current nationality is obliged. Although there are exceptions:

  • The country off your current nationality does not allow renouncement
  • You are married or have a registered partnership with a Dutch citizen
  • You are born in the Netherlands and (at the moment of your application) live in the Netherlands
  • You are younger than 18 years old and participate in application of your parents
  • You’ve a residence permit for asylum
    Renouncement is not possible due to special reasons, which must been verified.

Option procedure to get Dutch citizenship

Another way to obtain the Dutch citizenship is through option procedure. You could be entitled to apply for this procedure in case you have a special kind of connection with the Netherlands. For example if:

  • You have lived in the Netherlands since you were four years of age or younger
  • You are married with a Dutch citizen
  • You have been a resident in the Netherlands for at least 15 years and having a relationship for at least 3 years with a Dutch citizen

In comparison with naturalization, the option procedure is faster and cheaper. It’s not required to pass the civic integration exam and (in most cases) renouncement of your current nationality isn’t necessary. However if the country of your current nationality don’t allow dual nationality you will lose your original nationality. You apply for this procedure at your local municipality.


A child automatically gets the Dutch nationality if one of the parents is Dutch on the day of birth, no matter place of birth.

More information about Dutch citizenship?

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