Cross-border employment

Every company that wants to cross the border, send employees abroad or employ foreign nationals can come to ASV for advice. And if you cross the border to work elsewhere we can show you the way as well.ASV helps with all questions about cross-border employment:

Simple or complex: no problem
For example, do you want to station Dutch employees in Germany, Poland or the United Kingdom? Or the other way round: let employees from these countries work in the Netherlands or employ them in the Netherlands? ASV can advise you.

Or is your company located in an EU country, and do you recruit staff from the United States and Asia who continue to live there, and then subsequently send them to yet another country? ASV can help you further.

Simple or complex, in the EU or worldwide: ASV can handle it all.

We can arrange it all for you
We can do all of the paperwork for you. We can apply for the necessary permits and documents, arrange all of the social insurances and do the salary administration.


ASV can always help you wherever your company is located in the world, wherever your employees come from and whichever countries you send them to. We are unique in that respect.

ASV was established in 1997. Thanks to our experience we can point out important issues to our clients that they had not yet thought about.

Our clients value our expertise, our meticulous approach, and our willingness to spend time with them to answer all of their questions.